Light 7%

Light 7%

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Light 7%

Firm cheese
M.F.: 7%
Moisture 55%

Our 7% cheese is made with organic pasteurized partly skimmed milk lending to its light cheddar taste and milk aroma. Use 7% cheese as the ideal lower fat choice for your favourite meal and snack ideas.

  • Lactose free

  • No animal rennet

  • G.M.O. Free

  • Gluten free

  • These dry, more delicate wines stand out with their pale colour, simple fruit aromas, and the sensation of freshness their acidity brings forth. Delicate and light
  • These dry wines and ciders have a nose of fruit and flower aromas while having a rich taste on the palate. They get a pleasant liveliness from their acidity. Fruity and vibrant

Our cheeses can be purchased in many points of sale across Canada. Find the one nearest you!