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Hard cheese
M.F.: 28%
Moisture 40%

Sweet-tasting Swiss with a pronounced nutty taste is an extremely versatile cheese. Its excellent melting qualities make it an ideal choice for breakfast fare, sandwiches, and especially fondues. Firm cheeses like Swiss cheese are delicious by themselves as an appetizer or snack; and can also be used in hundreds of different ways in the kitchen.

  • Lactose free

  • No animal rennet

  • G.M.O. Free

  • Gluten free

  • These dry wines and ciders have a nose of fruit and flower aromas while having a rich taste on the palate. They get a pleasant liveliness from their acidity. Fruity and vibrant
  • These medium-bodied wines have an intense colour with a rich nose dominated by fruit aromas. Wines that are flavourful and accessible to all. Fruity and medium-bodied

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